The World of Tomorrow

Fourteen science fiction writers in 1987 were asked to write predictions of what the world would be like a quarter-century thence.  Their answers were collected and placed inside a time capsule, to be opened IN THE FUTURE.  Well, that future has arrived.  Some of their results are surprisingly accurate (especially for Dave Wolverton and Sheldon Glashow).  Others?  Not so much.  Only five of the authors have passed away since:  Asimov, Budrys, Feinberg, Williamson and Zelazny.  The rest are still alive and kickin’.

In more science news, researchers at Harvard were recently able to break down a book, transfer and store it on a single strand of DNA.  Technology like this will be able to encode so much more information in the future than we’re capable of storing today.  Reminds me a bit of Fahrenheit 451, except people won’t have to remember a book by rote; it will be coded directly into every cell of their bodies.

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