Rather than write a dry biography, I figure it would be more interesting to post the following.  Listed below are eight “facts” about myself.  Four of them are false, and the other half are true.   You decide which is which, then check the answers.

1 — I am an Eagle Scout

2 — I played on “Jeopardy” during the show’s annual college tournament

3 — I’m a certified scuba diver

4 — I’m also a sky-diver

5 — I’m bilingual

6 — I’m a licensed massage therapist

7 — I’m a martial artist

8 — I’ve wrestled an alligator


Now the answers:

1 — True:  I was part of Troop 933 where I grew up in Ohio.

2 — False:  Never been on “Jeopardy”.  Alex Trebek creeps me out, probably because he’s Canadian.

3 — True:  I got certified in scuba when researching one of my books. 

4 — False:  I prefer to stay safely inside an airplane at all times.

5 — False:  I studied French in school, all of which I immediately forgot upon graduation.  Take that, book learnin’!

6 — True:  I’ve taken a variety of massage modalities, from neuromuscular therapy to myofascial techniques.

7 — True:  I did martial arts for several years, dabbling in different forms like judo and karate.  My favorite was ju-jitsu, the lazy man’s martial art. 

8 — False:  I fed an alligator once but never wrestled one.  My limbs are too important to me.

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