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May those who curse days, curse that day

Those who are ready to rouse


Kept hidden from mankind forever, it is about to surface.

When it rises up, the mighty are terrified.

After a rash of violent attacks throughout the Caribbean, marine biologist Kelly Andrews captures evidence of an unidentified predator species in the Atlantic.  Something unknown to science, something altogether new . . . or else something very old.

It makes the depths churn like a boiling cauldron and stirs up the sea.

Billionaire Oscar Wright learns of the sea monster’s existence, which he considers to be the Biblical Leviathan.  Driven mad by grief, the old man devotes his vast fortune to kill the beast for a personal vendetta, harvest its hide as the ultimate trophy.

Nothing on earth is its equal — a creature without fear.

Two separate expeditions race across the ocean to find the animal.   And when it’s finally located, one thing becomes clear:   humanity no longer tops the food chain.

LEVIATHAN (6×9 trade paperback, 302 pages):  $15.00



The ghoulish horsemen of the Wild Hunt are cursed to ride forever as part of the Furious Host.  Criminals and sadists in life, their savagery knows no bounds in the afterlife.  Their leader, the hellish Lord of the Hunt, has come to reclaim what was stolen from him so many decades ago . . .


The village of Wodanfield doesn’t celebrate the holidays.  Its citizens stay locked indoors during the yuletide.  Only a few are old enough to know why, because they remember the evil that is returning.  When Erik and Allie Herne move to Wodanfield, they consider the natives’ odd habits to be charming small-town quirks.  Until their neighbor, Ivan Hertz, reveals the truth . . .


As mutilated corpses stack up and the body count rises, the Hernes become aware they’re connected to the ongoing violence.  Because now the Host is after Allie, and they won’t stop ‘til she’s dead.  Forced to transform herself into a warrior from a bygone era, she confronts the undead menace.  Only then does she realize there’s no escape from the Wild Hunt.

THE WILD HUNT (6×9 trade paperback, 300 pages):  $15.00


When Derek White captures footage of a desert firefight between the Air Force and a pair of UFOs, his becomes the evidence the world has awaited.

Confirmation of extraterrestrial life, it’s the type of proof that’s dangerous in the wrong hands and revolutionary in the right ones. Many would give their lives to protect Derek’s recording; more would kill to destroy it.

As Derek uncovers a vast government conspiracy, the Men in Black dismantle his life from the inside out. With his sanity at stake, he’s forced to seek the enigmatic Mr. Majestic, the one person who can provide a full disclosure of the truth. Except to find Majestic, he must break into a covert military installation.

Outsiders call the place Area 51, but insiders know it as Dreamland.

DREAMLAND (5×8 trade paperback, 180 pages):  $10.00


They are the Shadow Wolves, members of an elite unit that defend the border between Mexico and Arizona’s Tohono O’odham Nation.  They protect the reservation from both drug traffickers and illegal immigrants alike.  The secret to their success is the dark bond they share, for when the full moon blossoms they stalk the desert as creatures of the night.  Some call them werewolves, while tribal elders have an older word for them:  skinwalkers.

When a former FBI agent joins the team, he’s welcomed “into the pack.”  Scout Hemene revels in his newfound abilities, powers that someone like Hector Villalobos would kill to experience.

As leader of Mexico’s most vicious drug cartel, Villalobos wages war to destroy the shapeshifters.  The battle not only pits the Shadow Wolves against Hector’s violent gang, it also tests their loyalties to one another.

Which is more powerful, Man or Beast?

THE SHADOW WOLVES (6×9 trade paperback, 308 pages):  $15.00



Designed by a madman, built with inmate labor and home to the nation’s worst criminals, Blackstone Penitentiary was considered the Alcatraz of the Midwest.  Over a one-hundred-year history, it amassed the more odious distinction of being the most haunted location in America.


No longer in operation and left abandoned, it awaits renovation for inclusion to the National Register of Historic Places.  Spearheading the ambitious restoration project is Anthony Creighton, a caretaker seeking to unlock the reformatory’s long-buried secrets.  He enlists four strangers to help in that mission, individuals who possess extraordinary psychic abilities.  Along with a skeptical scientist, the group embarks on the first full-scale paranormal investigation of the notorious prison.  Their goal:  to confirm the existence of life after death.


Six guests.  Ten thousand ghosts.  And all of them fighting to escape.

Blackstone (6×9 trade paperback, 314 pages):  $ 15.00



In the annals of Hollywood cinema, the name Gregory Kincaid is as synonymous with Jack the Ripper as Bela Lugosi to Dracula.  He portrayed the infamous serial murderer in half a dozen films, spanning a five-decade career filled with monster movies and sci-fi schlock.  Twenty years ago, weary of celebrity’s harsh spotlight, he withdrew from public life, never to be seen again — until now.


After a wartime accident seriously injures journalist Jenny Pearce, she turns her attention to reporting entertainment news.  More comfortable on frontlines than the red carpet, she jumps at the opportunity to track down the notoriously reclusive Kincaid.


The damaged pair forges an unlikely friendship, working together to write the actor’s memoir.  Except someone doesn’t want Kincaid’s tell-all all told, somebody who aims to protect secrets best left buried.  Fighting for their lives, Kincaid and Pearce are forced to unravel a murder mystery gone unsolved for over seventy years.

Flashback (5.5×8.5 trade paperback, 304 pages):  $15.00

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