Borders Books, RIP

Over the weekend Borders Books sold to a liquidator who will begin dismantling the company starting next week.  I always liked Borders, especially the store located on the Strip in Canton, OH.  You can read more here.

Here in FL we have Books-A-Million.  I hadn’t been to a BAM for a few years, and I walked into one a couple weeks ago.  What struck me were all the “frills” (board games, greeting cards, notebooks, pencils, toys, etc.).  There was a lot more of that this time around.  I also noted how few books were actually on the shelves.  Most people wouldn’t notice that, but I worked at a bookstore in the past and I know how many books should be on the shelf.  There was at least a fifteen percent reduction, if not more.

And the first thing greeting patrons through the front doors was a large display of Nooks.  Does BAM realize they’re actively undermining their own long-term business strategy by selling Barnes & Noble products?  They’re also cutting back on operating hours, which isn’t a good sign.

In better news, today FX greenlit “American Horror Story.”   The network has been very tight-lipped about what the show’s actually about, but any new horror programs on TV are welcomed.

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