Banned Books Week

This week (9/24 through 10/1) is Banned Books Week.  Make sure to pick up a copy of something appropriately subversive.  Might I suggest the paperback version of The Shadow Wolves?  Or peruse the Top 100 banned books of the last decade.

I’ve done some housekeeping on the website, rearranging the furniture and whatnot.  I updated the Blogbuster Tour tab with links to all my guest posts.  Also updated The Shop section to include The Shadow Wolves.  The e-book has been on sale for a couple months now, and I just received the first bundle of print copies.  For those of you who pre-ordered the novel, rest assured that your copies will be autographed, packaged and mailed before week’s end.  And thank you for your interest in my work.

Anyone else who wants a signed copy can buy one direct from the site.  Amazon and Barnes & Noble can’t do that for you.  (Of course you can always purchase unsigned copies from those retailers, as well as indie bookstores.)  That goes for all my novels too; I make sure to always keep extra copies on hand so I never run out.

In other news, today Amazon announced the next version of its bestselling Kindle e-book reader.  The cheapest model is presently $79.  Now that the price point is under $100, it’s gonna be a huge seller this holiday season. 

And yesterday Stephen King announced he’s working on a sequel to The Shining, titled Dr. Sleep.  I’m re-reading that classic book at the moment, and I look forward to finding out what Danny Torrance is up to.

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