Scriptshadow 250 Contest

I wrote a splashy action movie called LIBERTY ISLAND.  Last year I entered it into a writing competition mostly because the contest was free and the movie producer behind it has some cachet.  Recently a list of the top 25 finalists was revealed, and my script made the cut.

The ultimate winner will be chosen at the end of this month.

LIBERTY ISLAND (118 pages)

After domestic terrorists seize control of Liberty Island during July 4th celebrations and threaten to blow up the Statue of Liberty, a lone New York City cop trapped on the island must save his hostage-held family and foil a presidential assassination.

Yes, it’s like DIE HARD.  But with higher stakes.  And a cooler setting.  And a better villain.

See the whole roster of finalists here.  There are several screenplays on that list I’d like to read myself.  Congrats to all the other writers involved, plus my sincere thanks to the folks at Scriptshadow and Grey Matter who vetted the manuscripts.

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