Halloween Stories V

Been some time since I last posted, but I wanted to extend my annual tradition of serving up free scary stories in time for Halloween.

This year I chose a classic from Mr. October himself, Ray Bradbury.  Bradbury wrote many a story set around All Hallow’s Eve, none more recognizable than this conte cruel called “The October Game.”

The next tale is a recent one by Nathan Ballingrud that impressed me enough to include it here.  “Skullpocket” has the trappings of a new classic in the making.

And the following piece by Shel Silverstein isn’t a prose tale, rather several interconnected poems collectively known as “The Devil & Billy Markham.”

I’ll link to previous years, for those who want to dive into the blog vault.

Halloween Stories I:

  • “The Masque of the Red Death” — Edgar Allan Poe
  • “The Damned Thing” — Ambrose Bierce
  • “The Judge’s House” — Bram Stoker

Halloween Stories II:

  • “Shalken the Painter” — J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  • “Was it a Dream?” — Guy de Maupassant
  • “Caterpillars” — E.F. Benson

Halloween Stories III:

  • “Young Goodman Brown” — Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • “The Sumach” — Ulric Daubeny
  • “The Testament of Magdalene Blair” — Aleister Crowley

Halloween Stories IV:

  • “The Dead Valley” — Ralph Adams Cram
  • “Strange Candy” — Robert McCammon
  • “The Voice in the Night” — William Hope Hodgson
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