Odds ‘n’ Ends

Here are a few links that recently caught my eye:

Isaac Asimov predicted at the 1964 World’s Fair what the world would be like fifty years hence.  Read his original article from The New York Times here.  Some things he really nailed; on others he’s way off base.

And here’s a creepy short film, somehow made creepier by stop-motion animation.

If you’re not reading Aeon Magazine, rectify that immediately.  I came across this site a few months back and gorged myself on their backlist of essays.  They’ve recently added short documentaries as well.

I wanted to share one Aeon piece in particular, published in the past couple of weeks, about creepypasta.

And finally another video about one of the best:  Richard Matheson being interviewed by the Writers Guild.  This was conducted (I’m guessing) a few months before Matheson passed away.  I’ve linked to a lengthier interview with him in the past; this one hits the same highlights, but it’s still worth a look if you’re a Matheson fan like me.

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