Flashback Research

I did this for my last book, Blackstone, listed some of the random tidbits I had to research during the editing process. ¬†Flashback is no different, so here’s another list. ¬†Some of these subjects are vital to the plot, while others are throwaway lines.

1 – Various types of surgical saws

2 – Which year Steamboat Willie premiered (1928)

3 – The history of the Hollywood blacklist

4 – Primate rescue sanctuaries in California

5 – The steps involved with creating a waxwork figure

6 – Which celebrities are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery

7 – Fonda Theatre through the decades

8 – Sci-fi schlock films on IMDB

9 – Amenities at Griffith Observatory

10 – British Inspector in charge of the Jack the Ripper case

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