Blackstone on Sale

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I always try to do something special for Friday the 13th.  Today’s no exception, as I wanted this to be my official announcement that Blackstone is now available.  The ebook has been on sale since the beginning of June (see sidebar), but the print version just went online this week.  It takes up to six weeks for a new title to make it through all distribution channels, so it’ll be a short time before it pops up at third-party retailers.  Until then you can snag a copy from Amazon, or direct from me at THE SHOP.

Authors rely on word-of-mouth to sell books, so I ask you to please share this news with friends, relatives or strangers on the street.  Like on Facebook, tweet, link, blog:  whatever your preferred mode of Spreading the Word happens to be.  I’m most grateful for your help and support.  Send the uninitiated to or my author pages at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In related news, this morning my shipment of Blackstone preorders arrived.  For those who ordered earlier, rest assured they will be signed and boxed tonight then shipped tomorrow.  Expect your copy in the mail sometime next week.

And if you haven’t heard about the new book:


Designed by a madman, built with inmate labor and home to the nation’s worst criminals, Blackstone Penitentiary was considered the Alcatraz of the Midwest.  Over a one-hundred-year history, it amassed the more odious distinction of being the most haunted location in America.


No longer in operation and left abandoned, it awaits renovation for inclusion to the National Register of Historic Places.  Spearheading the ambitious restoration project is Anthony Creighton, a caretaker seeking to unlock the reformatory’s long-buried secrets.  He enlists four strangers to help in that mission, individuals who possess extraordinary psychic abilities.  Along with a skeptical scientist, the group embarks on the first full-scale paranormal investigation of the notorious prison.  Their goal:  to confirm the existence of life after death.


Six guests.  Ten thousand ghosts.  And all of them fighting to escape.

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