Where Writers Write & Fan Letter

Couple of notable items this morning, as a tropical storm sweeps overhead and the rain keeps coming down.  First is an article from i09 about sci-fi writers and their workspaces.  I find it interesting to dissect a writer’s work area and see the actual spot where his or her creativity takes place.  Make sure to check out the comment section as well, where several posters added even more pictures of authors hard at work.  (Here’s another one from a few years back, though I suspect more than a few of the writers tidied up their offices before being photographed.)

Last month in Publishers Weekly a blogger posted about receiving a fan letter from a young woman who had read one of her books many years ago.  It’s worth sharing because notes like these are a huge inspiration to authors.  If you really like a book, it’s never been easier to get in touch with the author via social media.

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