Not Fade Away

It’s been three weeks since I last posted.  Sorry ’bout that.  I’ve been hard at work on this new novel, the halfway point of which I should pass some time next week.  In the coming weeks I’ll have some info about the book to share.

In the meantime here’s some interesting items to peruse:

— November is National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo).  By my calculations, participants should be about one hundred and thirty pages into their new projects by now.  At the end of the month I’ll post my thoughts about NaNoWriMo, mainly why I’ve never taken part in it.

— Writer Brian Keene recently put up the transcript of his keynote speech from this year’s AnthoCon.  It amounts to advice about reading more, which you shouldn’t need cajoling to do anyway.  Plus a shout out to my favorite author, Robert Bloch.

Here’s a couple choice photos of Bob, along with many others, courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society.  I mean, wherever did he get the idea for Norman Bates?

Bloch in Dress with Ukulele  Portrait of Robert Bloch: Home in Los Angeles

— And make sure to tune in to The Simpsons tonight (yes, it’s still on the air) to catch Neil Gaiman voicing himself in the episode.

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