New Year, Old Blog

Happy 2015 to everyone who regularly reads this blog.  For anybody who’s stopping by for the first time, I want to do a quick recap.

My name is Jared Sandman.  This is where I muse about sundry things that strike my fancy.  Writing, monster movies and horror books mostly, with frequent forays into Hollywood and the publishing business.

This is my seventeenth year writing, during which time I’ve published half a dozen novels.  Those books are listed along the sidebar for purchase.  I also keep extra copies on hand that I’m happy to sign for anyone who wants to buy direct (see THE SHOP above).


With that housekeeping out of the way, here’s a couple cool things I found on the Internet.

Hitflix autopsies the weak 2014 crop of horror films.  Here’s hoping there are a few more bright spots in 2015.

The Atlantic sifts through its best author interviews of the year and brings together the biggest gems.  Some great writing advice here.

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