Library Police & Ego Traps

Couple of items to share this afternoon:

The first is a music video blending two things that don’t go together:  librarians and the Beastie Boys.  Looks like it was fun to shoot.

Another is an essay in the The New York Times about one of the most hated questions writers are asked — “What are you working on?”  I generally deflect the query with a shrug and say, “I’m between projects at the moment.”  Doesn’t matter if I’m furiously writing toward the climax of a novel, or whether I am actually between books.  I don’t talk about works in progress.  It’s a superstitious thing, I think.  Or a commitment issue.  I won’t even announce that I’m working on a new book until I’ve passed the halfway mark of the rough draft.  By that point I’m so committed to the project that I can’t back out, and I’m able to use the public announcement as reinforcement to finish the novel.

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