Kodak + Espresso Book Machine = Huge News

Two posts in one day?  No, you’re not seeing double.  I thought this deserved its own post, considering how this will change the face of publishing.  Read the press release about Espresso Book Machine teaming up with Kodak.

Now I’ve raved about the Espresso Book Machine before.  Last summer I guest posted at Lindsay Buroker’s blog about this very topic.  Instead of libraries benefiting (which is still my preference), your local Walgreens, CVS or Rite-Aid will be equipped to print and sell books.  I cannot overstate how monumental that’s going to be, to have a backlist of more than seven million titles available to print and purchase in about five minutes.  I thought something like this might take at least 10-15 years to occur.  Once again, events are happening much more quickly than anyone could have anticipated.  The partnership with Kodak is a brilliant move for both companies, and I hope Amazon moves fast to ensure their CreateSpace titles (yes, including mine) will be available at the new printing kiosks.

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