GoodReads & Book Tours

I signed up for GoodReads a long time ago and never did much with my profile.  In the past week, however, I’ve been learning how to navigate the site and I’m warming up to it.  Social media has never been a strong point for me, though it’s an essential part of publishing in the digital age.  I don’t do much on Facebook; despite myself, I can see the charms of Twitter.  Anyway, today GoodReads announced it signed up its 10,000,000th (that’s ten million) member.  If you’re also on GoodReads, consider adding me as a friend, or become a fan of my work at my author page. 

In other news, I learned about a new company called Togather.  Right now it’s in the beta stage.  As it matures, I hope it flourishes into a successful venture.  Sounds like a great idea to foster community outreach.  Book tours are generally more of a hassle than they’re worth (except for bestselling authors, of course, and the Catch-22 is that they’re famous enough that they don’t need to go on tour).  This idea simplfies the the whole process of booking speaking engagements, which gets a thumbs-up from me.

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