I learned about this from Cemetery Dance, thought I’d pass it along for those who aren’t on their mailing list.  Writer Ronald Kelly’s daughter is raising money for an overseas trip as part of the People to People program.  You can read about it here

In junior high I was offered an opportunity to be part of the same program.  Unfortunately I did not make it to Europe, though I wasn’t too disappointed because I knew my school’s senior French class always took an annual trip to Paris and I wasn’t about to miss that.  I spent more than three years learning French in anticipation; by the time I was about to graduate, the War of Terror had begun and all overseas trips had been cancelled indefinitely.  Someday I’ll make it to France . . .

Plus here’s an article about Richard Matheson published in Variety a few months back.  It’s nice to see a new generation finding Matheson’s stories, even if most people don’t realize whose ideas Hollywood’s mining.  Personally I prefer Variety over Hollywood Reporter because it’s more business oriented and less celebrity obsessed.

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