Forbes & Used Ebooks

Forbes published an article earlier this week about the continuing struggles at Barnes & Noble.  It goes into detail about why Amazon is spanking B&N in the marketplace, and what can be done to pull them out of a tailspin.

In other news, Amazon released information about reselling used ebooks on their site.  Better World Books did something similar late last year, and I feel very ambivalent about the practice.  I don’t think digital files should be swapped online, which feels too much like sanctioned piracy.  It will be up to writers to inform readers about where readers can buy an author’s work so that the most benefit goes to the author.  If readers understand a $4.00 ebook from Reseller A nets the author no money while Retailer B gives the author a 70% cut in royalties, I think most readers will choose to support the writer (assuming price points at both retailers are the same).

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