Doctor Spec

The new Doctor Who trailer went live earlier today.  And the first one in case you missed it. 

I’m going to take another guess at River’s identity, at least pertaining to how she and the Doctor first meet.  The Doctor’s taken prisoner (hence the long beard in the trailer) and River’s his “handler” while he’s held hostage at Area 51 and forced to aid America in its Space Race.  She helps him escape, naturally.  There’s a line in “The Pandorica Opens” when she says something like, “Oh Doctor, why did I ever let you out?”  I think that’s the connection. 

And in the new trailer, the Doctor’s unnamed nemesis says, “I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords.”  I still say this points to the Valeyard.  He is the Doctor after all, and we know the Doctor has killed ”all the Time Lords.”  It’s the type of smart clue for which Moffat is known.

Anyway Series 6 starts on BBC America on April 23rd with the season opener, “The Impossible Astronaut.”  Be sure to check it out.  I’ll be interested to see whether my guesses are any good.

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