Dark Dreamers

Author and editor Stanley Wiater hosted a Canadian television series a few years back; unfortunately, the show never aired here in America.  Interviews from the show occasionally surface on Youtube, however.  Here’s one with Harlan Ellison (don’t forget to check out the first two parts).

Dark Dreamers was originally a book of interviews published over twenty years ago.  I have an old dog-eared copy that I read and re-read in junior high.  It contained a ton of great information about horror writers, not to mention in-depth coverage of their books, habits and work schedules.  Everyone from Stephen King to Richard Laymon to Charles L. Grant was represented.  Download the e-book today.

About ten years ago Cemetery Dance published a companion book of Beth Gwinn’s photographs that went with many of those interviews.  I have a copy of that as well, with signatures from about two dozen of the contributors I’ve met over the years.  I wish Stanley would put together another volume — More Dark Dreamers? — showcasing some of the writers he missed the first time around (like Ray Bradbury), as well as authors who’ve risen to prominence during the past generation. 

On another note, I bring your attention to the sidebar where new links to all my novels have been posted.  Feel free to clicky-click and snag a copy (in both digital and trade paperback) of any that strike your fancy.  Thankee.

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