Coming Back Online

*taps microphone*

*clears throat*

Hello?  Hello.  Hello!

So it’s . . . been a minute.  Eight years, give or take.

I dusted off my WordPress skills to let y’all know there will be news forthcoming.  Book News.  I’ve been head down, hard at work on a three-year project that will come to fruition around Halloween.

As for the blog, I’ve done some housekeeping.  Thought about revamping the website from scratch, then decided against it as I really like this theme.  Just wound up tweaking a few things to better fit a post-blog era of the Internet.

Since my last post in 2016, we have all been through the collective wringer.  A global pandemic.  A corrupt President.  The rise of weaponized stupidity.  And now Nazis are a thing again.  In the coming months I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been up to.  But before all that, I just want you to know:

I haven’t forgotten you.

And since this website’s closing in on three million visits (3,000,000!), it’s clear you haven’t forgotten me either.  Thank you.

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