BookStub & the DoJ

I recently learned about BookStub, a marketing tactic from AuthorHouse (recently purchased by Penguin Books).  Here’s a short clip that tells about it:

I think this is a neat idea.  I utilize something similar with my own books, marketing postcards that have the book cover on the front as well as the synopsis and purchase info on the back.  They seem to be a hit with readers, and they’re inexpensive ($50 for 1,000 cards).  I keep them in my car, take them to booksignings, pop them in goodie bags at writing conventions.  It’s a cheap and easy way to spread the word about your novels. 

In other news, attorney Bob Kohn submitted an entertaining legal brief — in comic book form, no less — about the ongoing case between the Department of Justice and the Big Six publishers (most of whom have already settled out of court).  It takes a very complicated issue and strikes at the heart of what I think was a misstep on the government’s part.  Personally, I support agency pricing; without it, I’d have to raise the price of my books.

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