Booksigning 5/7

I’m attending the author fair at Hudson Library (8012 Library Rd.) this weekend, on Saturday (May 7) from one to three in the afternoon.  I’ll have copies of my books to sign and sell, so drop by and introduce yourself.  Then you can stop off at your local comic shop on the way home, because the first Saturday in May is also known nationally as Free Comic Book Day.

The two-part season opener of Doctor Who was great, a tonal shift from the rest of the series.  Now that BBC America is airing them same-day as in Britain, I no longer have to watch leaked copies on the Internet.  My favorite moment in the episode came when the Doctor dropped off River Song at her jail cell, the subtext being it was the end of their date.  I like when the Doctor gets flustered.

My predictions were wrong, it seems, and the episode had loose ends that I assume will be resolved throughout the rest of the season.  I look forward to finding out whether the Silents truly have been defeated, who the little girl in the spacesuit was and if the Doctor can rewrite time so he isn’t murdered.

Also keep an eye out for next Friday; I have something planned for the day.

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