Blogbuster Tour — Wrap Up

My thanks to everyone who helped make the Blogbuster Tour 2011 a success.  More than two dozen stops in eight weeks, including book reviews, excerpts and interviews, plus guest posts about writing and publishing.

For the Amazon gift card giveaways, I put all the names into a hat and drew at random.  Anyone who commented either on my website or any of the host sites was elegible.  While I contacted the three winners who were chosen, I haven’t heard back from all of them.  In addition, I pulled a separate name for the Twitter drawing.  If you signed up to follow me (@JaredSandman) at any time during the tour, you were eligible.  And for the webmasters who graciously took part in the blog tour, I held another raffle and e-mailed the winner.

If I don’t hear from all the winners within the next few days, I’ll be forced to draw alternate names.  So if you receive a message from me with the subject line YOU’RE A WINNER, I promise it’s not spam. 

Now that the tour has concluded, my attention turns from promotion back to writing.  I know what my next book project will be and have done foundational research over the past month for it.  I’ll spend September plotting out the novel from start to finish, then I’ll commence work in earnest at the start of October.  I can’t tell you about the project quite yet (I’m a bit superstitious that way), but I’ll be sure to drop clues and teasers over the next several months.

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